Alter Ego – A Game Of Self-Discovery

Of all things, specifically games to review, I cannot believe I am reviewing a mobile clicker game. But I had to, because I stumbled across this game and was genuinely struck by how well done it was.

This game was created by a fledgling company called Caramel Column. They’ve only created a couple of games thus far, Alter Ego and its sequel being the only ones in English, but if this game is indictive of what to expect from them, I think we have a great up and comer entering the ring.

There are few phone games, in fact maybe only one other that has ever kept me up late at night. This game went beyond that. I was so determined to see it to completion I stayed up the entire night just to play all three story endings.

You heard that right, a mobile clicker, with not just a storyline, but three endings.

The premise of this game is all about self discovery. You can interact with two characters; the main being Es a lonely and not altogether stable girl, and Ego Rex, the supposed creator of this place. In it you will play interesting quizzes to discover more about yourself, and get book recommendations for even more exploration outside of the game. You can discuss the nature of the world, and dreams with Es and your choices greatly effect the outcome of the story, and what happens to her.

Will you rebel as Es wishes she could? Bending reality to your whim? Conform as Ego Rex says you must? Accept that the world must exist as it does? Or will you remain neutral and simply watch things unfold? Select wisely, but honestly, and discover more about yourself than you would ever expect a mobile game to be able to pick up.

I found myself getting genuinely attached to Es, and her storyline. I won’t spoil any of it, but its a true philosophical wonder. Sure you can rebel, but where do you stop? If you do nothing but conform what will you become? If you remain neutral what happens then? These are all things this game explores, through her storyline, and more. Such as even the idea of consciousness itself.

I warn you however, don’t play it if you don’t want a good old fashioned mind f**k. This game discusses a lot of unreality topics, such as the idea of us being a dream or a simulation. There are moments where it is genuinely unsettling, but I love it for this. It can be overwhelmingly dreary and unsettling, so those with suicidal thoughts should probably not play this, but otherwise I recommend at least giving it a shot.

It can be dark, it can be dreary, and the relationship between yourself and Es isn’t the healthiest, but it all remains genuinely compelling. You want to know what happens next, and you want to help Es where you can. Even if it could be detrimental.

I won’t say more, in fear of spoiling the ending, but if you are interested in philosophy and the human psyche as I am, I highly recommend this game. And by all means tell me in the comments below, would you conform, or rebel? Do you bend to realities whim, or does reality bend to yours?

This is Rev, signing off.

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