The Horror and The Wild- An Album For Running Through Forests

The Horror and The Wild. The latest album by The Amazing Devil, and I must say my favorite of theirs, as well as easily one of my top 3 albums of all time. This album is wonderfully put together from start to finish. Each song is wonderfully clever and musically beautiful.

Beginning with The Horror and The Wild, which would not be out of place in a fantasy movie’s shot of the protagonist running through the forest. Each song has a feeling of an old folk song, the kind that makes you feel the desire to find a forest or field to run in. This album gives such an old folk feeling, that it genuinely feels almost jarring when their songs have lines mentioning binge watching TV or the distress of someone looking at their phone as you’re trying to have an important discussion.

The song Farewell Wanderlust also does a wonderful job of this. It’s incredible intensity is precisely what makes it my favourite off the album.

Now, not every song has the level of intensity as The Horror and The Wild or Farewell Wanderlust. There are slower, more emotional songs such as Fair. When I heard Fair I knew I had to share this song with my own parents. Whom have been together 25 years now, and whom I will always argue are soulmates. This song genuinely brought them to tears, because not only is it an intensely real and beautiful song about love, but it also matched perfectly with a conversation they themselves had only a few years prior.

The song beautifully captures the feeling of a real and true love. From the difficult moments when you’re both so weary, to the quiet beautiful moments when you hold onto your love just to feel like something is right. To moments when you crack a joke just to ruin yet improve a moment. Such as how in this song, when the girlfriend tells him she’s been waiting for him to come for so long, and he pauses, and you think he’s going to say something profound. Then he simply says “that’s what she said.”

This song is genuinely beautiful. Enough to move one to tears. Even as it makes you laugh.

And this isn’t the only song like it on this album. Songs like Marbles, a song which, though I could be wrong, I believe to be about a couple recalling their life together when she has now been diagnosed with dementia, also is just as beautiful and heart wrenching as Fair.

As well as songs like Welly Boots, a song about a parent watching their child from beyond the grave. Or The Rockrose and Thistle, a beautiful song about trying to figure out when or even if its best to be there with someone you love, when they’re barely there themselves.

And it ends masterfully with Battle Cries. A song which perfectly combines two sides of the same breakup, with the wonderfully paired voices of Joey Batey and Madeleine Hyland. This is a song that you will want to listen to over and over, because each time you will pick up something new. It’s a very interesting look at a seemingly quite complicated break up, with insanely clever and interesting lyrics.

Now, I have not gone over every song, but all in all, this album is fantastic. It’s short, but sweet. I would recommend it, and indeed have recommended it to everyone I come across. And if you’re reading this and haven’t heard it yet, I encourage you to listen to even just a song or two. You are unlikely to be disappointed.


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