Evermore: Bops or Flops?

This week I decided to finally sit and listen to the entirety of the Evermore album by Taylor Swift. Late to the party, I know. Let me preface this by saying I am indeed a Taylor Swift fan, but I am also by nature a very critical person. Hence this blog. So here are my pure, and mostly unfiltered thoughts on this album.

The album starts out strong with songs like Willow, and Champagne Problems. Both feel like very typical Taylor songs, but come across as slightly more mature than perhaps her previous albums did. It’s very evident in every song that Taylor has grown exponentially both in her life, and in her music.

Tolerate It also particularly resonated with me, and anyone who has ever been in a toxic relationship in which the other didn’t seem to care about your efforts, well, it will likely resonate with you as well.

One song stands out in my mind however, which is No Body, No Crime. This song manages to be both fun and chilling, and is easily my personal favorite off the album. The song keeps a lighthearted feel, while also discussing dark topics such as infidelity and murder. I genuinely believe this to be the strongest and best written song on the album. Closely followed by Marjorie.

Now, I cannot honestly call Majorie my favourite, but that purely comes down to personal taste, and the fact that this song isn’t for me. Taylor wrote this song in tribute to her late grandmother, and it shows. In each lyric, and in the fact that she used her grandmothers old recordings as her background vocals. This song is so evidently a labor of deep love, and missing someone dearly. It perfectly describes the feeling of missing someone, and still feeling their presence so strongly it doesn’t feel as though they ever truly left. It is the perfect example of hauntingly beautiful. Something Taylor is very familiar with, as evidenced by some of her older work like Haunted or Safe and Sound.

This album has an overwhelming sense of melancholy. The album feels like standing at the edge of a forest, and feeling that call to walk in. Evermore manages to make every song feel deeply personal, even though it isn’t. Taylor has said these songs are like Folklore, mostly just stories she created. But somehow each song feels as though she lived it, and it makes your feel as though you lived it with her.

I feel as though towards the end it drops off a bit however. None of the songs are bad by any sense, but I did feel as though they began to blend together, and they had less and less to say. Save for Time To Go, which picked up a bit and helped me reengage with the album.

Again however, personal opinion. Ultimately this album is good, in fact I think its one of her best in a while, just not an album that makes me want to listen all the way through. But some of these songs are definitely going on my phone playlist.


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